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Just pick one and press the next button. We don’t really need to do it, we just want the same thing to happen. This will work best on a small screen. Try going full screen as this will make the task more clear.

In our case the “Add new task…” command was for this “Add a new task…” command. Now let’s move on to our first new task.

This task doesn’t have a title, just the text “Add new task.”

Open Task View. Press the “New task…” button. This will prompt you to select an object. Choose “All folders except Documents” for the target folder. Then select the “Text editor” option and press Enter.

This will load our text editor so your changes can be made. Remember we’ve also made a new file now? Enter “Text file” and press Enter.

This will open the text editor again. We can now edit the text. Notice this time we put in our new title.

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You can see the new text editor button is a bit off, but it is the same as before. When you see this button, press it to open a new file in text editor. You can then click here on the keyboard, and type the text we added.

We’re done! The new tasks will show up in Task View. Press the “Done” button! The new tasks are now added to the list. Pressing any of the “Done” buttons will take you back to the main task list and let you know when the tasks are added or cancelled.

Steps 3 & 4 (New task added to list):

We’re only going to do one new task right now, but we will do another task that will show up in the list when you add new tasks.

There is now a new task in the list, just selected as “New task” under the main tasks. Click the little button next to the task in the list and select “Add new task.” From the drop down list select “All folders except Documents.” Then fill out the text field.

Click “Ok” and press “Create new task.” From the dialog this window will open, make sure there is a “Continue with existing task” check box.

Once you’ve created the task select “Add” and wait for it to add.

Once the task is added this new task is automatically added to the list, right next to “New

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