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What is your favorite thing to do in a dance?

How do you dance for people who have never danced before?

How do you dance for a crowd?

How do you dance if you’re drunk?

Learn the dance step-by-step with our step-by-step guide on 5 Steps of Ballet by dancing instructor John Brown

Step 1 – Dress

Dress simple but elegant. The shoes should have a simple heel and toe, with an insole to stay put. The hair and dress should be clean and crisp.

Step 2 – Stand

With the feet and knees straight, get into a standing position. Your legs should be straight, with slightly bent knees. You can sit with the legs straight out, but keep in mind that the toes and heels should be pointed at the floor as seen from the floor.

Step 3 – Body Language

Do your movements with your body language. Keep your body moving with a forward leaning leg, and a closed foot. The other foot should be on the floor with the toe pointing inward (to the right). The head should stay above the hips, hands on the floor, and body language should be relaxed.

Step 4 – Dance

Start off your routine by standing in a step-by-step dance. When you begin to move, make sure you are moving with your body language. Remember, the important thing is that you should be dancing. It is a dance to remember and it is a dance that needs to be danced consistently on a regular basis.

Check out this amazing clip on how to dance for beginners.

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