How do you dance for beginners? – Authentic Belly Dance Costumes

I try to do everything as fast and easy as possible, just make sure they’re watching me. I don’t think I’m that fast, but a beginner might think I am. I’m usually in the dance floor by 10:30.

Your dance style is described by the term “fusion,” the idea that dancers move fast and with ease to add a rhythm to their steps — which has been shown to work for most dancers. What is fusion?

Fusion is what I do. It’s a fusion of two things: movement and rhythm. When you dance an ancient dance like I dance, you need to have movement. When you dance a very modern dance like I dance, you need rhythm. If you can dance a dance like I dance, and not feel like you’re going to fall out, you’re doing a fusion dance. I was trained to do a fusion dance (laughs).

Why did you choose dance as your calling?

I’ve been dancing for 15 years now. I’ve been doing this whole thing from 10 years old. It’s just fun. It’s all-encompassing. My father was a dancer.

Do you do your workouts at home or at a dance studio?

I train at home. It’s about 40 minutes a day with yoga.

What made you decide to use the term “fusion dance”?

When I was a little girl, I was dancing with my Grandma and Grandpa dancing at a disco. One afternoon, one dancer pulled his ass and he fell off the floor on his butt. That put it on my radar. I started to do this kind of dance that they did in the 50s and 60s and I started to dance and do ballet. And then by 10 years old, what I was doing started to feel like the same thing as what the dancers were doing then.

Do you feel any pressure to dance a dance every day?

No, but it gives you energy. I know how to dance and when I do it.

In your video for “I’m Waiting,” you were also dancing with all these small children. Was the choreography challenging?

The dance I do with little children? No. I do “I’m Waiting,” and it’s about love. I get a lot of young couples out from church that come up to me with their child’s picture on their back. For them, that was the song of their life. They

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