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What about pregnancy, how much protein can I get in my diet, when should I start doing my weight and what’s your favorite thing to eat once I’m pregnant? What’s my best way to keep the weight off on a monthly basis? How should I know if I can lose weight?

This week, our friends at Weight Gainers Weekly want to know how you can go about improving your body and overall fat loss. We’re looking back at their most popular articles of 2017, asking them to share two more. I’m going to pick one and then ask three questions, so check your calendar for the next post!

This week’s questions were taken directly from Ask the Weight Gainers. In the first interview they published the following article:

I’ve written a few books — the most recent, the one you’re reading now, is called “The Paleo Solution” and I was inspired to bring it to you after reading this article. You’ve never heard of it, have you?

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Yes, although it’s my first. The last time I saw a Paleo book was about 30 years ago (before I was born). My mom read my books, they were popular back in the day, and she had these friends over and she gave these books to them. We got into them a little bit. I started writing some of the books. I thought they were great. Then you come upon this and I want you to check this out.

What is it? It sounds like you’re going for a more specific approach.

I want to tell you what it is first. It’s the book called The Paleo Solution. It’s a compilation of articles of mine about how to eat really really well and then I want to give you my story and why I’m so passionate about it. This book has been helping me for a long time. When I was a kid I wanted to be a doctor but it was too expensive because doctors didn’t have that kind of salary.

My friends told me I should do that and help with cancer. Eventually a nurse told me that it’s a more lucrative job. So I went to medical school and I learned how to become a doctor and I became a primary care doctor when I was 17.

So you started by eating real food?

And when I started cooking at that age I thought it was weird. I kept having to ask these people, ‘Why couldn’t I just eat whatever I pleased? I don’t even know which meat

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