How can I lose my belly fat super fast? – Belly Dancing Controversy

No, you can’t. It’s been proven to work. A study published in February 2010 showed that people who lost weight over time and followed the Eat Stop Eat program could have no body fat gain and the same results continued at a reduced rate. So now that you have enough knowledge about the science of weight loss, we can finally talk about exactly how to do it.

Why Is Belly Fat So Important?

I had a guy tell me once that if you’re fat and have a belly that’s hard to control, your life sucks and you’re not really good at your job. So now if he has a belly that shows no signs of getting any better, then he’s already lost control of it. But he can’t let go of that and that’s why he can’t lose weight, because he’s lost control of his own body. But that’s not his job. His job is to control his body and if he wants to be a better worker and also more comfortable with life, then he’ll just need to let go of that belly fat and let it go. The same thing happens with fat loss. When you cut out all of your fat, you can see your results right away. You’re no longer hungry, you’re no longer sleepy, you’re not depressed. And you can get into your life again. That’s how powerful that kind of change was.

But what about the rest of the fat on your body? I heard once a man in his mid-40’s told me he used to take a picture of himself with a stick of butter on his face. The next day, he would eat two pieces of cake. When he tried to come back to his old self, his hands were covered in fat! That man had given his body and soul over to sugar and a high-carb, low-fat diet. But he just wasn’t a good at eating and was tired all the time—his energy was nonexistent. So he gave up. Then he went to the doctor. The doctor told him to lose fat weight.

The man said, “I’ve been trying to lose fat, but I’m having trouble losing any weight at all. I just can’t lose it.” The doctor said, “Well, what do you eat?”

The man said, “I eat meat—that’s all that matters.”

The doctor gave him a piece of bread and told him to eat it.

“But how hard is that?”

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