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I’ve been asked this over and over. In the following article I’ll share with you what I look for in a dancer, and how to choose the right dance for you.

What I look for:

1. The kind of attitude – dancers are the ones most often criticized to begin with, and the result is that if you are the kindest, most positive, and most supportive person, you can be seen as a failure to an extent, so I look for self-compassion. People who are self-depreciating can also make for an unpleasant experience.

2. The kind of dance – There should be some sort of physicality and strength of movement – not just dance moves but movements as well (see below). You don’t need to be perfect and beautiful but you do need to feel strong and able to move.

Best Belly Dance Videos for Beginners
3. The kind of attitude – Be a student of the arts. I know that the most beautiful dancers in the world are those who have been studying in a way and style they had fun with and enjoy teaching. As such, most students must have some kind of interest or passion in learning the arts. I’m not going to dictate to you the type of things to say or dress or what you do as your own; the same goes for any other student. But I do want you to express that interest and passion.

4. The kind of style of dance – There are many styles of dance; different styles are fine. I’m just a dancer. You can pick your own style and I’d suggest you do and enjoy how people dress and move in other styles and dance around you.

5. The type of people who will listen and learn – If you’re really new to dance, ask questions. A lot of young dancers who are new to dancing come to dance for fun and make lots of money; some of them get into this to look good and feel good, but not all of them. Ask the questions and talk to the dancers who know a little bit. It will become a great relationship.

6. Who you’ll dance with – It’s very important. I look for people I’ll be doing the same job for. If I have a strong sense of a dance, it will always come through the dance – even if I’m not in your area.

What I look for:

1. Stronger bodies – Strong bodies are the most beautiful dancers I’ve seen on the dance floor. I’ve seen a

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