Does twisting burn belly fat?

What are the most effective ways to help burn fat on your belly fat? If you do anything that can increase the amount of fat your belly has (but does not decrease it) then it’s probably working.

This study was published in the Medical Hypotheses journal and shows that abdominal compression training can help your belly fat and also decrease the appearance of fat around the stomach area. Some of the benefits of abdominal compression training include (but are not limited to) increased energy metabolism, higher insulin secretion and increased satiety (e.g., feelings of fullness) that result in increased weight loss.

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The fact that abdominal compression works so well is not surprising. What’s surprising is that the method I describe here has a relatively high rate of success for weight loss.

Many people tend to be surprised by how well abdominal compression can help when they think about the effects that it generally has on the stomach muscles.

But they need to look at what happens with the belly as the whole body fat is burned. This is where abdominal compression training can be very helpful to the body in an interesting fashion. When you exercise in your abdominal position for a period of time, your belly muscles work more so the whole body will burn more body fat and also the whole body will need to burn less.

For example, if you’re wearing pants that have a very tight waist, which can only burn 1 inch of belly fat. After you exercise in that position, the belly muscle on your belly that does the “flipping” will work more during your first 30 to 60 seconds and that may help you burn 1-1.5 ounces more body fat than you would otherwise have after 15 to 30 seconds. The more muscle your belly has, the easier the belly fat burning will be. The same is true for belly fat which can be burned faster in your abdominal position. So in order to have the full effect in all areas of your body, you need to have that tight waist. The tight waist can help to help with fat loss.

If you want more information on abdominal compression training I have a great post on that at my blog Weight Loss Training in the Abs. The post has a list of a bunch of benefits of abdominal compression training.

How to do abdominal compression exercise in 15 seconds

In this workout video I go over how to do abdominal compression exercise. It’s a combination of the exercise done today and one of my favorite exercises from last time, the reverse crunch. But if you’re looking