Does twisting burn belly fat? – Belly Dancing Classes In Hartford Ct Assessor

This fat burns the fastest but it’s not the only way.

Some people need more belly fat. They lose belly fat faster then others. If this is you the way to do it is in the following way:

1. Get back on a low intensity training program. I recommend at least 5-10 sets of 6-10 reps with 10% of your 1RM. Keep rest times the same as normal with a good warm up for 10-15 seconds.

2. Eat. Do not fast.

3. Eat.

4. Go to bed.

Repeat the above for 5-10 days.

Then do a low intensity interval based interval training program for 1 week, you do this program on the low setting only. After 1 week you must eat and train again for the next high intensity training with this 1 week time frame.

I find that if low to moderate intensity training works for you and you can train 3-6 days a week then 1-2 days a week will do.


If you do not use a weight machine for strength work you can do strength work either in the gym with one other person or by a weight machine. I do not recommend doing strength work on the weight machine because you get too much of a workout in there and the intensity can be hard. I do not recommend using a weight machine for muscle building because you get too heavy and hard during a week.

This is a must follow with this program.

What About Interval Training?

Interval training is an amazing way to build good shape. The amount of time you spend not lifting is amazing and the time you spend working in the gym is also great. I highly recommend this to you and if you want to you can use intervals to do bodybuilding type movement. If you do not think you can tolerate this type of work and you are on a low intensity program go away.

I am telling you this because many of us here on the forum think we can not stomach this type of work. If you feel good and have been training for a while and you like it go ahead and try interval training. There are lots of other ways to make up the time and your body will thank you.

Here are some interval programs that I would highly recommend. I have written more on these programs but all these programs are very similar so I will give you more on each.

How Often Should You Train?

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