Does Belly dancing make your stomach bigger? – Shakira El Masri

The effect of dance dancing on the size of the abdomen was similar to that of yoga classes that are traditionally a part of women’s gynecology treatment programs. It was also the opposite of the “B” (buttholypsies) effect.

How do belly dancing classes make some women’s stomachs bigger?

There’s no evidence that belly dancing classes make other people’s stomachs bigger as a whole, however, this study demonstrated that, contrary to the popular belief, belly dancing can make some people’s stomachs smaller. However, the study did not show that it was the dance that causes the decrease in stomach size. And no significant difference of the belly size between the groups. So, it is not a causal relationship.

How are belly dancing classes “dangerous”?

All health classes require knowledge and skill, so, while some people may find any type of class they participate in “dangerous,” they are generally well-equipped to deal with it. For example, dancers have a history of injury, including the recent injury of the female trainer of a popular female belly dancing class, who died of complications after the class.

Is belly dancing a form of exercise you can take alone?

While belly dancing is not considered the same as exercise for women, it may be a good alternative if you’re unable to exercise. According to the study, this may be because belly dancing class participants are a less physically active group and because women have a tendency to dance the heart out in their physical activity. As a result, these women may have better abdominal strength.

Are belly dancing classes safe?
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While the study did not find evidence that the class would cause a decreased risk of death, some people may find belly dancing unsafe to the point of injury. That is because dancing has been known to cause breathing disorders such as acute diverticulitis. To prevent this, the researchers suggested that participants have breathing equipment and practice good body position so that they may breathe freely. Additionally, participants should maintain adequate oxygen intake so that they do not get dehydrated.


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