Does Belly dancing make your stomach bigger? – Belly Dancing Lessons Virginia Beach

Belly dancing can have many benefits. It can increase your weight and keep you in shape. But belly dancing also can help to maintain a healthy thyroid.

What causes belly dance?

Belly dancing appears in the literature from the Middle Ages onwards. However, modern research has uncovered many other reasons why belly dancing is used today.

According to the Scottish doctor William Pemberton:

“It is the dance of a couple having a baby. In the early days this was called ‘bouncing the babies.’ Then it spread from the Middle Ages to the West.”

It has also been known to occur in some countries, including England, when a person is pregnant, giving rise to the term “belly dance.”

This may relate to the woman’s practice of breastfeeding.

According to Dr Pemberton: “Belly dancers often practice this in a sitting position whilst giving birth; and in my own research (I have not yet done a quantitative analysis) I’ve found that there are two types, one of the belly dancer is in bed, whilst the other is lying on the bathroom floor with breasts in the position of having a baby, so that the other body part is always in front.”

Dr Pemberton goes on to explain that this is another way in which women are being encouraged to practice breastfeeding by their body when giving birth.

The practice can also have various social and psychological benefits for both sides. Dr Pemberton states that:

“There is also the social aspect that there’s the possibility of the father being with the baby, whereas before in England it was a mother and a daughter.”

The benefits of belly dance

The benefits of belly dancing include:

Reduction in stomach and weight gain and maintenance.

Reduction in appetite and weight gain and maintenance.

Reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol.

Decrease in the risk of heart disease and stroke and other problems, such as depression and irritable bowel syndrome.

Improve your overall condition.

Improve your body’s ability to fight off infection.

Improve your sleep.

Improve your general health.

Increase your body’s production of Vitamin D.

Improve your sleep quality by improving the efficiency of your breathing.

Dr Gary Whelan, a British cardiologist has also written an article on belly dancing:

“Belly dancing helps reduce weight by stimulating the lower muscles of the stomach.

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