Does Belly dancing give you hourglass figure? – Belly Dancing Tutorial With Music

I love belly dancing. The hips are extremely flexible so you’re not going to hurt yourself. It requires a lot of discipline to do and doesn’t put too much stress on the hips. It also makes you look super sexy. It also helps you stay in your place, which is crucial for dance contests because some people will notice it.

I always recommend belly dancing. If you have never tried it or it is too risky to do in public, then I would recommend doing the front walk or the back dance in the backyard.

How many times does it take to teach you how to do belly dancing?

It’s a lot more challenging if you try to learn it in class. You are taught by an instructor. You can also learn it in your home. I usually teach six-week classes as I know it’s more complicated to learn.

How do you measure your progress as a dancer?

When we take our class we measure our success by how many people come to the dance with us. It’s a good indicator of how much confidence our classes generate. We measure progress in all forms of dance – dancing, spinning, spinning, pole dance, any form of dance. I also teach dancing under my company “Hoodie Girl” so I know how much confidence my students have in their dancing.

Are they ever concerned about the size of their waist?

Yes, I always ask everyone before we start any class if they want any help with their waist. I usually try to talk to them and explain why belly dancing is really important. You won’t know what to expect and I encourage them to be confident with it.

If anyone would like to have help with their waist or have a dance class scheduled with me please do contact me.

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