Does Belly dancing give you hourglass figure?

-No. Belly dancing only gives you body and a little shape.

How is weightlifting and bodybuilding different?

-Weightlifting has no exercises. Bodybuilding is all about diet.

There are two reasons for bodybuilding’s popularity:

-There is a lot of information available on weight lifting.

-Most women are interested in losing weight.

How does the diet work?

-You eat every day.

-You have 3 meals a day: breakfast, a lunch and a dinner.

-Once you eat dinner, you have to rest 4-6 hours. So, there are 2 meals, each lasting 3-4 hours.

-You’re not allowed to stop the exercise during dinner.

-Eat as much as you want because you can’t control yourself.

-In a typical week you eat 60 to 70 food items.

-You can also consume alcohol, coffee and tea.

What are the exercises that I can do on bodybuilding day?

-Any abdominal exercises are allowed.

-The only exercises that you are banned from in bodybuilding are:


-Biceps curls


-Hanging leg raises

-Curls on your back and belly or leg

-Belly dance

-Curls on your stomach and leg

How can I improve my physique?

-Do whatever you want, but no steroids.

-Take a rest day after every exercise.

-If you want to gain weight, do more sets.

-Do more body workouts.

-You can even do the exercises on bodybuilding day for fun. The first thing you do is to learn how to do it.

-You can even do this to your child.

How much training you need?

– You need 2-3 hours of training per day.

– You have to follow all exercises, at the same time.

– You should do 5-6 daily workouts.

-You cannot go to the gym once a day.

Is it true that I can only do a single exercise on bodybuilding day?

-You can do an upper body workout and a lower back workout on bodybuilding day.

– You can do bodybuilding exercises in the morning but you can’t do them on body