Do you have to be skinny to belly dance? – Belly Dancing Music Instruments Used

Yeah. I was skinny when I was in the gym, but when I did the belly dance, it took some work to get in shape. I was always skinny.

Is your family OK about it?

Oh yeah. Our parents are great. My dad is the chef at the Bowery, and he has had a great career. He’s done pretty much everything. My mom is an actress; she was in the movie “Rough Night,” and she’s always had a different line.

In a few years, you might break out in a new type of music and find success, and maybe your family will be happy as well. Is it really true that you started your career at 15?

Well, actually I’m 14. I started to dance to rap when I was 14. Then they put me down, but then I didn’t take it back and was up and dancing and doing the dances. I was on the street all the time. When I was 15, my friend and I started to do the belly dance and dance around. This is all happening for me really soon. I’m getting out really soon, and I got a good friend who’s the manager. I’m going to start performing in the summer.

What do you think of your parents’ music scene?

Oh my God. It’s so crazy! I used to work here, but I was here before my mom got here, and she had to take me. I came from a poor family, so you always have to be thankful all the time. I think it was hard — her mom went through this with us. Her mom is a lawyer and she worked, so she’s like a lawyer’s baby. She had to take me out of school, and she had to do all that, and she was like, I can’t, you don’t know what your doing. But she was the one that was always giving and was always there for me. People here are very supportive, because you never know. I’m just glad that the people in my parents’ generation came and had me there.

What kind of stuff do they love most about belly dancing?

We do the big belly dance, and we also do the smaller belly dance. We’ll do big belly dance for the crowd, we’ll do [our belly dance] for the crowd, and we also have a little belly dance, like the little belly dance that we do with the people standing around.

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