Do you have to be skinny to belly dance? – Belly Dance Drawing

What was your favorite thing about being on the cover of American Dance Journal?

Who did your hair? And what was your color?

What is the shortest step you’ve ever taken?

Where is your favorite city to visit?

What is the longest step you’ve ever taken?

In the last two songs on the album, you both share vocal duties. Can you do the next two songs? What’s your songwriting process like?

Can you tell us something that we aren’t yet aware of?

In the first track on the album, you both share vocal duties. Can you do the first song? What was the name of the song? Were you nervous to sing? How did you find the perfect vocal style?

What is your favorite thing about being a dancer?

This is the first track that you share vocals on, you’re sharing vocals on both of the songs on the album. Is your singing a challenge? How is the collaboration process like?

Who was your favorite artist?

On this tour you did a lot of different styles. What’s your style? What’s your biggest challenge as a dancer?

What do you think is the most exciting thing about doing choreography?

If you had to pick a choreography and a song to do for a live performance, which would you choose?

The first song on the album, “Hurry Up, It’s Time,” features you doing this beautiful hip-hop dance. How would you describe the style? Where did you get the inspiration?

Your style of dance is definitely influenced by street style. What other choreography pieces made you want to try that style?

What choreography and songs of Hip Hop have you done?

What was your favorite lesson from an instructor?

What’s been in a movie called “Kicking?”

I love reading the American Dance Journal’s interviews. It’s very informative.

You have two dance songs on the album, “Mystery” and “My Time,” both of which are really interesting and fun. How did both songs find a place on the album? What are they about?

In both of the songs, you share vocals. What is your relationship with them? How did you learn the new style?

What was your favorite trick or move?

The title of the song on the album is something that I had to fight for. To me,

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