Can you lose belly fat by belly dancing?

If you are having trouble losing belly fat, you may be trying to eat more and lose weight. That may be happening because you are eating unhealthy and/or you don’t know how to take care of it.

Belly dancing requires great strength, but you must be conscious when you do it. Do you need to use a “hug stick” or any other method of lifting the belly?
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Belly dancing can help, but it’s not a quick fix to obesity or a guaranteed cure. You can lose weight but it may not happen overnight.

Some experts say you can lose belly fat within a week or two, but they don’t know exactly how, and you have to be careful.

When you have fat on your arms, thighs or chest, if you do not stretch then you can increase the amount your body does by using a support object. A support object works by bending the arms, legs or body in a way that is conducive to keeping the skin from shrinking.

For example, you may see a pillow placed in the middle of your arm or body. If you feel like shrinking, lift the pillow up and over your body. Keep it in place and your fat will come to your arms and legs.

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