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They’re too expensive to be bought or given away. The average adult can make just two pounds’ worth of can jeans before it costs more than a gallon of gas to wash them.

So don’t worry if you can’t manage to sew your own can-shaped jeans. It’s easy enough with the right machine and hand tools.

Is there a lot of competition for these jeans, or any?

In some places you may find brands selling at the mall with identical styles. It’s hard to tell a quality and size difference if you’re not looking long and hard. But most brands come from the same factories in the same countries, so you can be sure that quality is always highest at the top of the line.

Can I wear them to work?

Yes. A pair of jeans with your work credentials on them looks great at the office, and they look good in every place you want to bring them to.

Do jeans fit me?

No matter what brand you choose, you will probably have some minor fitting issues as you get accustomed to your new jeans’ dimensions. Most can pants are cut for your torso size. For example, you’ll probably need a size 6 in the waist, 8 in the hips and 4 in the length. If these are not your perfect measurements, try on the jeans on the tailor’s size before deciding on a size. Once you know your measurements, start the pants in the smallest size available and then gradually increase size by size until you find yourself wearing jeans that fit.

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Is it really just me that thinks jeans are so weird and hard to fit in?

If you wear jeans with a shirt, chances are they won’t have room for a shirt underneath. It’s not that easy to undo a button. Most jeans, however, fit you much better than you think. If you want to test out the fit of these jeans, go back to the tailor and let him put some jeans on you. Some can do up to five, while others may allow you to try up to ten. Most can pants are made in small or medium to big sizes.

Is it really just me that thinks jeans come in a different color depending on the size of the buttons?

No. Can pants are all about matching your colors with your shirt. If the size of the buttons in your jeans are a little smaller, they will probably work for you better.

Are these made with an elastic waistband or zipper?

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