Can can skirt for girls? – Belly Dancing Lessons Denver

Is this part of a larger trend? Where they are going with this?

I think they already do a bit of skirt dancing for men in dance videos online. They are the same type of music – mostly male – but, there are a few videos that don’t get enough play online due to they’re not really sexy and don’t really do much dance. A few years ago, a couple of guys decided to get involved in this scene and it became pretty big. They created a dance routine that they were really excited about, and I think the YouTube traffic was a little bit too light for them.

It’s hard to go against the tide, and you know – I think there are still some guys that get their kicks doing this. But it is a little hard to take them seriously. When a guy is doing this with his girlfriend, it’s a little different. But it’s still happening.

It sounds like a little more of a challenge for dancers.

Yeah. And when I first started doing this, I was like, “Okay, I’m going to just be a dude to get the attention I want.”

So it’s all about the attention to get the girls?

That’s why they try to talk you into doing this, to gain their attention, and then – even if you’re a girl yourself – you’re just trying to get a certain level of attention. Once they’ve got that, you give them access to the camera so they can have fun. It happens more with the older girls, the ones that are the most comfortable with the camera.
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What other types of dances would you see in a couple of years when more guys are having access to the cameras?

I would like someone to come up and challenge them to choreograph a couple of dances.


Well, you know, I don’t consider myself a choreographer, but I’m definitely going to do that because it would be cool to see a group of girls together working on the moves to a hip-hop song.

What are some of your favorite YouTube videos?

There’s a dance called “Sugar Daddy” – you see this person come, he’s coming to take them home, he’s coming to make them his girlfriend, and then you see him just get in between two girl and start doing sex moves and then take them off. It can’t be that hard to do. One of the best. It’s also called ”

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