Can Can Dance history? – Belly Dance Drawing

“It was at Can Can Dance in the UK that I got into performing. I was 15 and just really interested in dancing and trying to do some crazy stunts and do tricks. Once I got more into it, I wasn’t just dancing all the time, I was singing, playing drums, singing and playing guitar – all kinds of crazy stuff. People said I was really out of my mind, but it paid off – I danced all the time, I played drums and everything.

How was it working back in Australia at the time?

It was hard, obviously, I had a lot to learn. I was 16-years-old, 16 years old, and all I do is dance. But the people were really good, the management was really professional, and from a musical standpoint Australia is incredible, and I can’t wait for it to come across.”

What made you go into radio at that age?

“It was a really hard decision because there’s not a lot of DJs. I had my heart set on that. I couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t get on the radio as it’s the only chance to get a bit of exposure, and the radio station I was at was all about that kind of music and it didn’t have it, and I wasn’t getting any exposure. I was getting a bit of exposure and money, but I just really couldn’t understand why.”

Did the change in your music style and personality catch on?

“Oh, it didn’t catch on. I still get a huge amount of feedback from people who have heard my last record, so for the most part, I don’t mind them hearing it just as a piece of music. They know that I’ve always been this aggressive – I’ll do an amazing cover of [Miley Cyrus’] I’m the One, ’cause I’m so far away from Miley Cyrus. But I really haven’t changed much in the way that I look at the world.

It’s such a tough market, you’ll see a girl come out of the crowd wearing a black lace bra. And then, next thing you know she’s got a black lace bra. I’m just like, that’s not me. I have my style, my persona, but I’m a girl, a girl that can rock that shit. I wouldn’t look at the people that have lace bra because it’s such a drastic change to my look.”
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